Why This Blog?

Why this blog? We have been traveling for a number of years, and we got in the habit of sending out emails, while traveling, to friends and family. These emails contained descriptive information about the trip or sights, and included photos. Lots of photos, as I like photography.

As these emails got longer and included more photos, my wife Susan would say “it is too long” and “there are too many photos,” and this especially occurred when we were on our Safari to Kenya and Tanzania in 2014.

So in one email I wrote “Susan says I write too much, and that I send too many photos, but I say people can always hit delete.” Well, I got a lot of messages from people basically saying that they like the long messages, and they like all of the photos. They also sorta told Susan to stuff it. So I continued writing longer messages with a lot of photos.

I had read a number of travel blogs, and then I realized that instead of me emailing these travel dispatches, I should start a blog! When I send emails, each person has to download the photos; one advantage of a blog is that the photos are on the web, saving this download time. Also one can pretty easily look at other posts.

So I will give this a try. There is always the activation energy problem… I wanted to start this blog before our trip to Northern India in November 2017, but before the trip I was too busy with my teaching to graduate students, so it did not happen.

June 1, 2018